21 Best Sims 4 Cheerleader CC & Mods Free

Did you know that cheerleader used to be something only boys did? Or the fact that it started in the nineteenth century?

But these days, most women who cheer for their team in high school or college do it. Cheerleading outfits are also popular as Halloween costumes.

So you can use them in whatever way you want!

This time of year has come around again. Gatherings with friends, more snacks than you can imagine, and everyone talking loudly around the TV.

Even if you don’t like sports much, there’s something for everyone here, whether it’s the players, the halftime shows, the mascots, or the cheerleaders.

Let’s get something straight: cheerleading is definitely a sport. Sure, they do get dressed up and look cute before. But doesn’t that make it more intense? It’s definitely an art.

And whether you’re making a high school cheerleader, a college girl (or guy! ), or a professional cheerleader, this CC will help your dream come sure in The Sims 4.

21. Sports Cheerleader

When most people hear the word “cheerleading,” they think of this.

This set has the color pink, a sporty but sexy top, and a bottom that looks like it was made for a cheerleader.

What else can we say? Oh, you can get it by clicking on this link and starting to start.

20. School Spirit

The cheerleader’s outfit is the best way to show school spirit. If you want your Sim to be a good member of their team, they’ll need the right clothes. This look is timeless, useful, and fun.

The white turtleneck worn underneath and the crop top with the logo of your Sim’s school will work for any game.

Add some look paint in your Sim’s school colours and a pair of comfortable sports shoes to this outfit.

They’ll have everything they need to fly through the air and get the crowd ready for a great game.

19. Cute Cheerleader Costume

You might have always liked the idea of cheerleaders, but you may have never wanted to be one.

You might also be looking for a good Halloween costume idea for your Sim to wear to this year’s party.

No matter what, this costume CC will take way of you.This cute glittery costume has a butterfly cutout on the front and a heart cutout on the back.

It also comes with its own pom poms. So that your Sim’s outfit is complete and no parts are missing or in the wrong place.

The costume comes in either pink or blue, has glitter on the top, and is sure to win your Sim first place in a costume contest.

18. Berry Sweet Cheerleading Uniforms

If you want to make sure that all of your Sims have the right attire for their cheerleading demands, this Berry Sweet Cheerleading collection includes everything you need.

Finding the right style for your male cheerleaders can be challenging, but this CC is a wonderful choice for some sweats that are sure to display school spirit.

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Additionally, this collection includes a cheerleading dress if you’re sick of the typical crop top and skirt combo that we’ve come to know for our female cheerleaders.

And the new look will undoubtedly shake things up a bit. Not to mention, these uniforms have team names like “Gnomes” and “Llama Corns” and come in a variety of vibrant colours (very on-brand for The Sims, might I add).

17. Wonder Woman Cheerleader Top

Have you ever (no pun intended) wondered if cheerleaders are real?

Most of us can only dream of doing the tricks and moves they can do.

So it makes sense that Robertaplobo would come up with a Wonder Woman top to match those superpowers.

You can get it in four colours by clicking on this link.

16. Welcome to Riverdale

Who could refuse having clothing from their favourite show for their Sim to wear?

For anyone who has been a devoted fan of Riverdale for a long time, this CC set is perfect.

It comes with three different outfits, one of which is an incredibly comfortable cheerleading outfit.

I’d say it’s useful for trying to come your favourite sequences in addition to being perfect for your cheerleader Sim!

Not a huge Riverdale fan?

You’re in luck because the outfits are tasteful and adaptable. You are entirely wild to use your imagination and ignore the show entirely.

15. Spring Knit Vests and Pleats Skirt

What cheerleaders wear when performing is pretty known. But what happens when they’re going their normal lives?

You must ensure that you have the sure look to match their vigour because cheerleaders are known for their fashion sense and attitude.

These preppy outfits pretty much fulfil every expectation we had. Have your Sim wear these traditional pleated skirt, collared shirt, and vest outfits on their days off.

This collection includes 20 other swatches as well. Additionally, they include a hair barrette as an additional item to complete the look.

A decent pair of shoes and a destination are all that are required. I’ve already taken care of the rest.

14. School Spirit Face Paint

Painting your face for a football game has to be one of the best parts of going to a game.

Who doesn’t love an excuse to do something unconventional with their makeup?

These face paints can be used on any Sim, including cheerleaders, Sims who just hang out with their friends, die-hard football fans, and everyone in between.

13. Monster High Cheerleader Set

Monster High is unlike any other school because it accepts kinds who are werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and various other kinds of monsters.

This school does teach some strange subjects, but that doesn’t mean that the cheerleading squad can’t have a cool outfit to wear to games and competitions!

It was also designed by Colores urbanos for use in The Sims 4.

12. Show Your School Spirit

Another great option for your Sims’ cheerleading uniform.

This looks just like how cheerleaders dress on the field, with detailed pictures of their school mascot proudly displayed across their chests.

No one in the crowd would ever mistake them for the other team.

11. Cheer Outfits Uni Emblem

Of course, we have to go with the cheer outfit that started it all after the last option. There are some subtle differences between the two.

For example, the logos are different, which gives you a lot of options for how you want your Sim’s school to look.

It also comes with a tank top instead of a layered look, which we’ve seen a lot of on this list.

When your Sim is practising in the summer heat, this is a great option. No matter what happens, they’ll be at the top of their game.

10. Bring It On

When you think of cheerleaders, it’s hard not to remember the classic movie Bring It On.

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A lot of us grew up watching that movie and still enjoy watching it today. This CC set is a must-have for anyone who really liked the movie.

Now you and your Sim can take the Clovers look like they do in your game, have your own competitions, and always recreate.

9. Pompom Recolor

Who could forget our favourite thing to use in cheerleading?

Because I most definitely couldn’t! You have to make sure that nothing is left out. And this new color for a pompom does the trick for us.

Make sure that your Sim’s pompoms are the same colour as their school or cheerleading team.

No matter what you’re going for, this CC will work.

8. Juliet Starling Cheerleader Skirt

Now this is in the cheerleader section, but it can also be a Halloween costume: This is the skirt of Juliet Starling’s outfit from the video game Lollipop Chainsaw.

You can get it with or without blood spatter.

7. College Cheerleader Look Book

I hope your Sim doesn’t live in their cheerleading uniform. They need choices for going to the gym, getting through the winter, or even going to bed.

The Simpanions has put together a whole look book full of different outfits that you can give to your cheering Sim for any event.

Even better, these are more for our cheerleading Sims who are older. Cheerleading isn’t just for kids in high school, as we all know.

There’s a variety to choose from here, so you’re sure to find something you like to add to your ever-growing CC wardrobe.

And you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what the perfect outfit would be.

6. Cheerleader Poses

Your Sim will have to do more than just wear cheerleading clothes to become a cheerleader.

With this set of cheerleader poses, you can help them practise their poses, work on a routine, and work with their team.

This pack from Simamara has 9 poses for single Sims and 3 poses for Sims in groups. It also has different types of pyramids that your Sims can make.

All of this depends on how many people are currently on your team.

Pretty cool!

When you use these poses in-game, make sure you remember that you need Andrew’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim turned on for them to work.

After you’ve downloaded those, you’re ready to play.

5. After School Activities

The After School Activities mod is the best way to make sure that your Sims have the best possible school experience.

There are 36 programmes to choose from, and some of my favourites are Science Club, Anime Club, Public Enemy Club, and, of course, Cheerleading!

Your teenage Sims will be able to improve their skills, build important friends, and build up an impressive resume that they can use when they apply for scholarships.

All while having a tonne of fun being a part of a club.

Here is where a true cheerleader gets in the game.

4. Cheerleader Animation/Pose

Okay, so let’s start with something you’ll definitely need for your cheerleader Sim: cheerleading poses.

This animation shows a single cheer and a jump split that cheerleaders always do.

Start your cheerleading career by going to this link and downloading the animations.

3. Wonder Woman Cheerleader Skirt

If you already have the top and are looking for the perfect finishing look to your outfit, go to this page and get Robertaplobo’s Wonder Woman skirt to go with it.

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Even if you put it with a different top, you’ll still know it’s a Wonder Woman top, which will make your Sim feel good about herself.

2. Juliet Starling Cheerleader Top

If the skirt was not enough for you, you can also find Juliet Starling’s top, which is also available with or without the blood to add some variety to it.

If you are interested in purchasing either one of these items.

Whether you’re going on a zombie hunt or just to a costume party, this outfit is perfect for both.

1. Monster High Cheerleader Shoes

We’ve established that Monster High was not your typical high school, so it should come as no surprise that… The cheerleading shoes that they wear are not an exception.

These legendary high-heeled shoes were designed by Colores Urbanos specifically to complement the Monster High cheerleading uniform.

It is very pleasing with any hue of monster skin! Simply click here to begin downloading it at this very right.


Is there a cheerleading outfit in Sims 4?

The cheer competition is the primary purchase of this event; however, Sims can also take selfies and pose for pictures in front of the backdrops, shop for cheer outfits, school apparel, beverages, and snacks, and dance to music during their time here.

How do you become a cheerleader in Sims 4?

In The Sims High School Years, you will need to go to the Phone menu and select the Business option before you may join in any after-school activities. Next, select the After-School Activity that you would want to join in. Chess, computer, football, and cheerleading are the four options for after-school activities that can be participated in.

Can you be a cheerleader in Sims 4 university?

However, it was later found out that the cheerleaders are non-playable characters (NPCs). This implies that your Sims are unable to truly become a cheerleader in the game. They would perform a cheer routine every so often while your Sims were attending college, and you would, of course, be able to interact with them. If you wanted to, you could even romance them if it was something that tickled your fancy.

What is the cheat to unlock all clothes in Sims 4?

You can accomplish this by typing and inputting “testingcheats on” without including the quote marks (“testingcheats off” will disable cheats). Enter “cas. unlockbytag SP17” once cheats have been enabled in order to unlock all of the knittable clothing contained within the pack. In CAS mode, which can be reached by using the ‘Plan Outfit’ interaction, you can find several articles of clothing.

What after school activities are there Sims 4?

You have your choice of joining one of four distinct teams for additional extracurricular activities; these activities all take place after regular school hours. These teams compete in Computer Chess, Football, and Cheerleading respectively.

Can a teenager go to university Sims 4?

Teenagers are not permitted to enrol in university until they have reached the age of young adulthood; nevertheless, they are permitted to begin the application process while they are still teenagers, even though it appears that they will need to be close to young adulthood as time goes on. This is a smart idea for individuals who are playing in this way because the process can take a few sim days to complete.

Where is school Spirit Day Sims 4?

The Foxbury Spirit Corps is the organisation to join for those students who are enthusiastic about displaying their school spirit and who take great pleasure in cheering on their school’s athletic teams and mascots. The School Spirit Day and the Foxbury Game Day Party are two of the most well-known events that have been organised by this organisation. Additionally, they host regular bar nights.