Sim 4 Teen Pregnancy Guide & Download

Teen pregnancy is a very hard thing to deal with in real life. It’s a mess of surprises, worries, hard choices, and harsh opinions that could make anyone crazy.

But people do find the light at the end of the tunnel. If it’s possible for one person, it must be possible for many, right?

The Sims 4, which is a simulation of real life, is always trying to match that complexity, but sometimes it falls short. This is the case when it comes to teen pregnancy, which, by the way, isn’t all that rare in today’s modern society.

So, people use mods and custom gameplay to make their games fit their needs and be as realistic as possible. Well, Darkpool’s mod gives you a chance to play through a teen pregnancy.

With it, your teen Sims can get pregnant, go through all the different stages, and have one, two, or more beautiful babies. So, if you’re ready to spice up your teens’ lives, let’s start by talking about the mod!

An Overview on Teen Pregnancy & Download

Here, both teens and adults have the same chances of getting pregnant. So, while your teen Sim is pregnant, everything will go the same as with your adult Sims.

This means that your teen will go through the normal three trimesters, experience all the moodlets, and finally give birth to a healthy baby.

You will also be able to control how fast the pregnancy goes, choose which stage it is in, and use a scan to find out the baby’s gender.

The rest of the interactions work normally, and the child will grow up like all the other children.

Most of the time, the mod works well, and if you really need this feature, it’s worth your time to install it.

Getting Pregnant

“Try for Baby with” is an option for all of your teen Sims who are in a romantic relationship. If you don’t already know this, two Sims can’t try to have a baby right away.

Their relationship or marriage has to be more stable and the bar has to be at least 40% or 50% full. This can be done faster if a Sim has a lot of charisma or sweet love aspirations. The rest is typical: flirting, pick-up lines, and compliments about how you look.

When you reach this point, you should go try to have a baby. As usual, the chances of getting pregnant are pretty high in The Sims 4, but that doesn’t mean it will happen on the first try. You might have to take your teen girl out a few times before she can eat enough for two.

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Fertility traits definitely help to increase these odds, so don’t be afraid to use some of your Sims’ achievement points to increase them both more fertile.

Also, if you want more than one baby, like twins or triplets, the girl’s fertility level affects whether she will carry one, two, or more children.

Players have joked that trying for a baby in a hot tub has a 100% chance of success, but since we don’t know what makes it happen, we can’t confirm it for sure. But why not give it out and see for yourself?

And the rest is done normally when your girl is pregnant.

Visual Glitches And Problems

You will also notice right away that there are two main visual bugs when this mod is used:

  • There is no pregnant belly, or the belly from being pregnant won’t go away. Since her belly won’t ever grow, the Sim can go through her whole pregnancy without anyone being able to see that she is pregnant. Or, if it does grow, it can sometimes stay after birth as well. Some players might find this interesting, but others might find it annoying because it’s not realistic.
  • The baby is chosen at random. When it comes to the baby’s genes, the mod works in a random way. When the baby is born, there aren’t many chances that it will look like its parents. We’re talking about people with completely different skin tones, eye colours, face shapes, and ethnicities.

But these are only small problems that can be easily fixed in the Full Edit mode. When they show up in your game, you can use cas.fulleditmode to change how the pregnant Sim or baby looks.

Sims 4 Teen Pregnancy Cheats

Follow the steps below to get the cheat code for teenage pregnancy.

  • Click Ctrl+Shift+C and type “testingcheats true” in the console.
  • Then type sims.get sim id by name “firstname” “lastname”
  • Here, write the sim’s first name in the first bracket and their last name in the second bracket.
  • Don’t take out the brackets while typing in the code.
  • Use the code if you want to have many children.
  • pregnancy.force offspring count “simID” and “amount”

Note: There can only be 8 children in the house. But with a mod, you can change this and add more people.

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Download & Process on Pregnancy Mod

The MC Command Center works well with this mod. There are a lot of tools in there that make teen pregnancy even worse. You can download it here if you’re interested.

Visit this blog to get the Teen Pregnancy Mod. You can find a bunch of similar mods on the page, like a marriage for teens.

All of them work well with this one, so you can add them all if you want.

Requirements for Sims 4 pregnancy module

a. MC Command Centre

  • You must always have’mc cmd center.ts4script’ enabled on, and you should save all the modules and files in the same folder, which must be one level deep. “The Sims 4ModsMCCC” is a good example, but “The Sims 4ModsScript ModsMCCC” is not.
  • The reason for this is that Sims 4 will only look one level deep for script mods.
  • Note: Get rid of all the MCCC ts4script and package files before you download the latest versions of this mod.
  • Keep the mc settings.cfg and mc dresser.cfg files enabled on to have your changes updated automatically without having to change your settings.
  • Once you’ve downloaded a specific mod, unzip all the files and put them in the mods folder.

b. MC Woohoo settings

The next thing that must be true is that this setting must be available. Here’s what you should do –

  • After downloading the mod, go to Sims 4 and click on MC Command Center.
  • select MC Woohoo, then click on Woohoo actions and turn on Allow teens.
  • Now, go back to Woohoo’s options and choose “Woohoo pregnancy.” Then, choose “Risky Woohoo percent.”
  • Save the game and start it up again before using the extra feature.
  • Saving the game turns on all the modules, but remember that the chosen sim should be nearby before you do the woohoo. When you get close to the double bed, the “woohoo” option will show up.

Once the woohooing is over, send the teen to the washroom to receive a pregnancy test, and you’ll have good news.


Can a Teenage Sim Have a Baby in Sims 4?

One of the most popular simulators of life simulation games has always been the Sims. Yes, there were online games like Second Life, but they never got as good as the Sims games, which from the start gave players the most immersive and real-life elements of any game ever. Real-life simulators can be buggy and limited, but The Sims started to change that over time.
One of the Sims games’ many features that became very important was the fact that Sims could get pregnant. This feature was introduced to the second Sims game, which came out in 2004, and has been in every Sims game since then, but with different ways to use it.

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Every game we’ve seen so far has made pregnancy tricky, but because Sims was a real-life simulator, no one judged or criticised how pregnancy is shown in the game. Why do some Sims players find this mod interesting? Most likely because it’s hard. Imagine being a teenager with no money and having to raise a child by yourself. Too real and a situation that hits close to home for some, but some players love that kind of play. But that’s probably a topic for another article.

Anyway, to make Sims pregnant in the Sims 4 game, players’ Sims need to be in a relationship with other Sims and love and care deeply for each other. After spamming the “Woohoo” option, in which two Sims engage in sexual time, the “Try for a baby” option becomes available. When you do that, after some time, your Sim will be pregnant. That only works, though, if the Sim is at least a young adult. In the game, teenagers can’t have babies.

Can You Get Pregnant As a Teenager In Sims 4?

As we’ve already said, pregnancy is a slippery slope in any game, and even though Sims games get a pass because of their genre, sometimes even the simulator can become a target for criticism and controversies. EA Games didn’t put an option for teenagers to have babies or get pregnant in the game for a good reason.

Teenage pregnancies are hard and a touchy subject in our society. Even though this is a real part of life and teenagers do get pregnant, EA Games has never put this feature in the Sims games. But some fans wanted to change that. For example, they wanted to make a story like the one in the movie Juno in the Sims 4 games so they could really get into them. Other Sims 4 players just wanted to live a life they or someone close to them had lived.

We did make a few lists on our website about CCs and Mods that make the Sims game better, so it’s not surprising that there are mods for teenage pregnancies. If you go to YouTube and type “teenage pregnancies” into the search bar, dozens and dozens of videos will come up, most of which are stories from Hallmark movies or reality shows like “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Overall, the Sims 4 game doesn’t let you have teenagers who are pregnant by default, but there are mods that let you do that.