30 Beautiful Best Sims 4 Couple Poses CC & Mod

Sometimes your Sims will have the most adorable relationship, and you’ll want to brag about it. I don’t blame you.

Even I get pretty excited whenever anything interesting happens to my Sims, which is saying something considering that I’ve planned out all of their interactions with one another.

I mean, the predefined and planned mating poses in The Sims 4 are fun and all, but they can get repetitive. I’m not saying they’re boring or anything.

Sometimes you just want to take a picture that has a little bit more personality, you know what I mean? 

I’ve got it.

Take a look at these spectacular poses for couples in The Sims 4!

30. Shall We Dance? Pose Pack – The Sims 4

If you want to portray your couple as fun and classy, we say these poses.

This pack has five poses, ranging from happiness to seductiveness and elegance.

Itvisits definitely for a younger couple that takes to clubs and dances all night.

29. Kit-Cat-Sims’s Kisses Pose Pack

We have these poses for love!

As you can see, this couple is crazy about each other and totally taken by the beauty of the other.

It’s the perfect pack for some outdoor photography, so make a day of it!

28. Arguing 3! Sims 4 Couple Poses By Pandorassims4cc

When your Sims are sad, these are the poses you should have them do as a couple.

This pack has three different poses where the Sims are all sitting on a couch.

The Sims are fighting, and you can see the sadness in their eyes.

It’s a perfect way to add some realism to your game.

27. Caterpillar Prom Night Wrap

Yes, I’m starting this list with a series of custom poses that are very obvious given the topic of this list.

But when else can I suggest this cute Catwers promo pose pack? Most of us have been to at least one school dance, probably prom.

(Whether it’s a night you’ll always remember or a memory you want to forget is a different story).

This outfit gives me goosebumps because it looks just like the standard, unspoken pose that all awkward teenagers take in their pre-prom pictures.

26. Instagram Couple Goals Pack by Error404Phillips

The Instagram Couple Goals Pose Pack by Error404Phillips is here after I brightened up the cute but formal photos from before the promotion.

These poses are cooler, less formal, and a bit messier than the last set.

Don’t worry, it’s still full of SWAT. In these positions, it’s just easier to talk to people.

And a blatant disregard for personal space. I get it, though. It’s not nice. You need to get out of here right away.

Even without the jokes, these poses are pretty good.

The idea isn’t very original (I have another pair of selfies on this list, for example), but the way it was done was great. And pretty much everything you need.

There are funny, cute, and romantic sets in a.pack file. Each set has five poses that go together, for a total of 15.

The only thing I’d like to say is that it’s hard to know where and how to put the Any Sim teleporter space.

And that you have to change your phone’s times more than once (left or right). But it’s a worthwhile investment if you have the time and patience to put it together.

25. Older roads Posepack Eclipto

This pose is a little harder than the two I just talked about. But I can’t get enough of romance and drama, so…… I had to stop trying.

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The title, “Old Roads,” makes me think of a crazy, seductive love story, and I’m always up for that kind of story.

Even though Eclypto’s custom poses are pretty simple, they tell a whole story with only four poses.

The hand position is good for facial expressions, the height adjustments are nice (I like the poses where I don’t have to download height adjustment mods to make them work), and I’d say the idea is pretty unique!

Since we can’t do it in the game, there aren’t many poses where the sim talks while walking.

And it’s one of the best, most powerful ones. If it’s something that interests you, this package is a great addition to your pose gallery.

24. Back to Back Pose Pack Sims.Babe

This is one of those custom pose sets that you use with a certain idea or theme in mind. The title is interesting and makes sense.

I mean, you don’t see many people in those poses. If you want to take random pictures of your sims, you can’t delete them.

Maybe I’ll do it. It depends on you. But I thought the poses were pretty unusual. When someone asks two people to take a picture, they don’t usually stand like this.

I think that says something about how creative the content is. But I digress. With her arms down, these back-to-back Sims.Babe poses are really cute.

I think they are the perfect example of a couple where one type is bubbly, horny, and sensitive, while the other person is the exact opposite.

23. Constrictive Dose Selfie Pack – Set 1 with Veiga Simulators

See? I told you that I had a few more selfie suits on the list.

This pose is from Veiga Sims, and itworks one of those simple, cute poses that usually go with everything.

No matter what you want, you can get it with these poses: Maxis Match, Alpha CC, a mix of photo-like features and clay hair, etc.

This is one of those custom pose packs that you can use on a whim for a few stories or ideas. The set, which I recommend, only has three poses, but the quality more than makes up for that.

22. Panzer Walk 2 on Andromeda

If there is a post-Sims 4 custom pack that perfectly shows the ups and downs of a relationship and all the ways people talk to each other, this is it.

Talk A Walk Pt. 2 by Andromeda Sims is just fun. The words are cute, the attitudes are fun, and the overall feeling?

That’s great. Perfect for a sweet, relaxing plot or a more bittersweet conflict.

Again: I’m all for storytelling. I won’t say no if the idea is good and the plan is good. In this case, the characters in Andromeda got a big yes from me.

Talk A Walk Pt. 1 is similar to the Eclipto Old Roads Pose Pack. 2 already has a change in height built in. No need to buy extra treble controls; just plug in, play, and take great pictures.

21. RJPair of posts 11

Want poses that really up the romantic tension and drama?

Sim A says to Sim B, “Please give me a chance.” Sim B isn’t really for that, but a few well-chosen words and a push, and before you know it, Sim B’s spatula is in Sim A’s hands.

If you can see yourself in this situation or are building it, these custom poses from RJ are perfect.

Look at the short vignettes and tell me they don’t take right out of a typical love story we’ve all read before.

The soft finger under your chin, the thoughtful look on your face, and the smile I know you still love.

Everything is there, and it’s all done very well. Also, the creator includes a helpful diagram that shows where and how the bridgehead teleporters should be placed so that the poses are right.

20. Picnic per two packs Dose per rate

I like things that are exciting, dramatic, and sad, but I also like things that end well. A sweet and romantic story with a happy ending. Oh my god, they found each other!

What does a happy ending often have? Long walks on the beach, kicking back in peace and quiet, cuddling up in the evening, and the occasional picnic.

Yes, that’s how I present this custom post by kativerse, which is absolutely stunning (actually the queen of beautiful custom poses for The Sims 4).

The digital faces of the two Sims at this picnic for two have some of the cutest poses and most loving expressions I’ve ever seen.

All the energy of the pack is just two souls in pure and unconditional love. And trust me, it hurts in a different way.

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The best part is that you don’t have to go outside to have a picnic. I sat my sims down in front of the fireplace and gave them wine and dinner to make it a romantic evening. And I think it still worked.

19. Sad Tangerine Talk

I like events that are exciting, dramatic, and sad, but I also like happy endings.

A sweet and romantic thing with a happy ending. OMG, they’ve found each other!

What does a happy ending usually have?

Long walks on the beach, kicking back in peace and quiet, cuddling up at evening, and the occasional picnic.

Yes, that’s how I’m presenting this beautiful custom post made by kativerse (actually the queen of beautiful custom poses for The Sims 4).

The digital faces of two Sims at this picnic for two have some of the cutest poses and most loving expressions I’ve ever seen.

All of the pack’s power comes from just two souls who love each other without conditions.

And believe me, it doesn’t feel the same.

Best of all, you don’t have to go outside to have a picnic.

I made a romantic evening for my sims by putting them in front of the fireplace with wine and dinner. And I still think it worked.

18. Even if the boiler maker by simmering berlin

It was close, though. To be honest, it’s hard for me to choose just one.

Still, the Simmerberlin Pose Dump #14 pose pack made me feel heavy and sad, in the best way possible.

I really like stories that are sad and have a lot of action. I think there are six poses in this series, and each one fits with a different story.

Even though it’s not meant to be a joke between family members.

But the versatility of the poses and the high quality of the work make the set useful in many different situations.

Adjusting the height of the teleportation racks is a little tricky, because if you put them flat on the ground, your Sims will end up a metre or two below the ground.

But you can handle it.

I found that four or five clicks up were enough to put sims on the half wall.

I’m also happy to say that the cigarette accessory for which the link to simmerberlin is in the description works perfectly.

17. Kiss me as you do – Sims 4 Couple Poses by LENINA_90

The “Kiss Me Like You Do” couple poses are a favourite of Sims 4 players.

These poses show the love and passion shared by two Sims.

These poses are amazing, and I can’t recommend practising them highly enough.

16. Sweet Couple Poses By Katverse

This is without a doubt one of the most stunning pairs of pose packs you will ever come across.

This pack includes two Sims who are snuggling up to one another in a peaceful embrace.

There are four distinct looks that can be conveyed by using the four different variations.

However, they are identical in appearance.

15. Smily Cuteness: Expecting Cute Cuple Poses

One of the greatest joys that a couple can anticipate is the arrival of their first baby.

With the way of this pose pack, you’ll be able to set your Sims an appearance that conveys the happiness that comes with becoming a baby.

You have the option of having the father stand close to the belly of your Sim, or you can hug both of them together.

In any event, it makes for a great photo opportunity.

14. Adorable Sims 4 Couple Poses By Un1con35

Here is a selection of Sims 4 couple poses that can be used by younger Sims.

Create some awesome photos of teens and young adults by striking one of these eight poses.

You should aim to have a playful time while striking these poses because that is exactly what you want.

13. Harperelya – In Love Couple Pose Package

It is impossible to predict when feelings of crazed love and passion will take control of one’s life.

This is precisely why the pose pack was developed in the first place.

You have the option of either having your Sims take a selfie together while standing on the floor or kissing while standing on the kitchen counter.

You have the freedom to make your own option!

12. Chaleara: Wedding Couple Poses

Despite the fact that this is technically a wedding pose, it can still be used for a couple of different poses.

The Sims are depicted in this pose as they make their journey toward a happy ending.

The pose pack contains a variety of poses, all of which are worth looking out. There are a few to choose from.

11. Pose Pack by Stefaniaonlinda: I Still Love You

A hallmark of a good quality is making time to enjoy one another’s company.

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This pose pack shows how two Sims can look when they are in close proximity to one another and posing together.

They look up at the night sky and embrace one another, kiss, and look at each other while they ponder their future together.

We could not have asked for anything better.

10. Waiting under the Tree by Sciophobis

For your convenience, here is a collection of wintry and Christmassy couple poses for The Sims 4.

These two Sims are basking in the joy of the holiday winter and the love that is growing between them.

The pose pack is yours to keep even if you don’t give anything in exchange for it, so don’t worry about that.

They continue to be incredible!

9. We’re Pregnant Sims 4 Couple Poses By SakuraLeon

It’s such a cute way to photo your Sims if you use the “We are pregnant” pose pack.

Each of the poses included in this pack depicts both Sims placing their hands on the mother’s stomach in order to provide comfort and warmth to the unborn baby.

The definition of cute and simple!

8. Sleeping In Front Of The TV By Beto_ae0

Beto ae0 is the person I turn to for more realistic couple poses whenever I need them.

The “Sleeping in front of the TV” pack is, without a doubt, one of the cutest collections of poses that I have ever encountered.

You have the ability to make your Sims to sleep just like in the picture that is shown here.

However, another option is to have one of your Sims carry the other Sim into the bedroom while they are sleeping.

7. Puppy Love Pose Pack By ERROR404PHILLIPS

When we talk about sleeping and bedrooms, you should also pay close attention to the “Puppy love” couple poses that are available for Sims 4.

There is an abundance of playful poses in this gallery, all of which feature the two jovial Sims sitting on their bed.

The poses are both entertaining and realistic.

6. CASSANDRA X STARRY – Spring Fever Pose Pack

The spring is a time when one can feel love in the air.

In all seriousness, spring brings out the best in everything, including the way in which couples pose poses for photographs.

Because it presents us with such interesting photo opportunities, this pack successfully imitates a real-life couple.

And I absolutely cannot live without them!

5. Beautiful Qvoix Couple Pose N14

What could be a more perfect time to photograph two Sims than after they have just returned from a romantic date in the middle of the night?

If you’re anything like me, you’re going to absolutely love these passionate poses.

Therefore, if you want your Sims to look as Romeo and Juliet, this is the pose pack that you should purchase.

4. Fashionable Couple Poses By Illary

If your Sims 4 couple isn’t too laid-back, the fashionable couple poses might be a better fit for you than the casual couple poses.

They are perfect for the situations in which your Sims will be going on a date or returning home after one.

The poses will look much better if your Sims are also dressed in fashionable clothes at the same time.

3. Sweet Moments Sims 4 Couple Poses By Couquett

A good number of simmers are satisfied with nothing more than a few simple couple poses.

I acknowledge and respect that, and would even recommend that you try the “Sweet Moments” pose pack a shot.

You can take pictures of your Sims not only showing how much they love for one another with these poses, but also how much fun they have together.

This, too, is a winning proposition in my winner.

2. Fun Tomorrow Pose Pack By Beto_ae0

The beauty that comes from being in a happy relationship can be seen in the seemingly small moments.

You will be able to view how a nice Sims couple gets ready for the next day here.

They do things together like put on face masks, brush their teeth together, and of course, pose for pictures together. Adorable!

1. Forever Pose Pack By Beto_ae0

People frequently use the feeling “the feeling you want to last forever” to describe the state of being in love.

In any case, the Sims 4 couple poses aim to achieve exactly that effect.

Your Sims will be able to peer into the eyes of one another and see what the future holds for them when you use them.