Sims 4 Rags to Riches Challenge Guide

Do you know about the fun Rags to Riches Challenge?

We’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about this challenging but rewarding task.


We’ll tell you all the rules, goals, and guidelines you need to know to finish the game.


The Sims 4 player SimishGamer made an exciting and popular game called “Rags to Riches,” which is also known as “R2R.”

The goal is to help your Sim go from having nothing to being rich. To finish the challenge, your Sim needs to reach three main goals: build a home, get a job, and start a family.

Read on to find out everything!

What You Need To Remember?

To finish the Rags to Riches challenge, you must reach each of the following Main Goals. Keep in mind that you must take the Required Steps to reach each of the Main Goals.

Then, once you’ve done well with the Main Goals, you can choose to move on to the Challenge’s Optional Goals.

First, to start the challenge, make your sim and buy a lot with nothing on it. Move into this empty lot and steal all the money from your sim.

Use the cheat console and type “testingcheats true” and “money 0” to get rid of all the money you already have.

You could only use this cheat, the “Reset Sim” cheat, and the “Move Objects” cheat during the whole challenge.


Before you take on the Main Goals, Required Steps, and Optional Goals of the Rags to Riches challenge, please keep in mind these important rules that will make your journey better:

  • Your sim can make money in creative ways before getting a job or starting a business (see the section below).
  • You can change how long your sim lives based on what you want. You can also stop time from passing.
  • No money can be made by any other sims added to the house besides the spouse and children.
  • After you’ve done the Required Steps for Building a Home, you can only put things outside your Sim’s lot and use seeds.
  • Let your sim sleep in public places or at their friends’ houses until they have enough money to buy a bed.
  • Your sim can eat and cook in public places or at the homes of their friends, but they can’t take the food with them when they leave.
  • Your Simoleons earned through club memberships cannot be kept.
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Goals Of The Rags To Riches Challenge

As we told you before, if you want to finish the Rags to Riches challenge, you have to meet all of the Main Goals listed below.

Just make sure to finish the Required Steps first before getting to the Main Goal.

Building A Home

Sims 4 Rags to Riches Challenge

You must build a whole house with a kitchen, dining room, living room, at least three bedrooms, and at least two bathrooms. A study room with at least one computer and a pool are also required. When the main parts of the house are done, build a garden outside.

Steps to take:

Before you can build a house, you need to have at least level 3 in the Logic Skill and level 5 in the Handiness Skill. Then you have to pay the city 500 Simoles as a fine for making noise while building your house. Since there’s no real way to pay fines in the game, you can just take $500 from your sim’s total money.

A house is considered built when it has at least one bedroom with a bed, a bathroom with a toilet and shower, a living room, a kitchen with a fridge, sink, counter, stoves, tables, chairs, a fire alarm, and a couch. Yep.

You can add to your sim’s home in the future. Now that you have the basics down, you can focus on the garden. Get your Handiness skill to level 7 and your Gardening skill to level 5 before you start building the garden. Then, take another 500 simoleons from your sim’s money because your “garden blueprint” seems to cost this much.

Starting A Family

In the “Rags to Riches” challenge, one of the main goals is for your sim to meet and marry another sim. Your sim could meet someone who is already in the game, or you could make a new character just for this challenge.

Just make sure that the person you want to marry has nothing to own and no simoleons before the wedding. Next, let your sim get married and have kids, and then let them grow up and become grandparents.

Steps to take:

Once the basics of the house have been built, your sim can get married. Let them have children after the partner moves in and they get married. Every toddler should be able to do everything they can do.

Also, before a child can become a teenager, he or she must have level 5 in any skill and perfect grades in school, or level 10 in any skill.

Also, before a child can become a young adult, they must either have level 5 in any two skills and a part-time job OR level 10 in any two skills. When these kids get married, your sim has to host a wedding party for each child and pay for the costs of the wedding.

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Having A Career/Business, An Aspiration, And Wealth

You can let your sim get a job in any field or run a business like a restaurant, a store, or a clinic. If you decide to give them a job, they have to get to level 10 in that field.

If they start a business, they must make at least 100,000 Simoles from it and make sure their workers are fully trained. In either case, your sim must get the Entrepreneurial Reward Trait.

For the aspiration part of the challenge, make sure your sim and his or her wife reach at least one goal in their lives.

Each child they have must also be able to reach one of their goals, either as a child or as an adult. In terms of wealth, the goal is to have a home worth at least 100,000 simoleons and at least 200,000 simoleons in your savings. You can even try for a much higher rate if you want a harder challenge.

Steps to take:

Follow this Required Step if you want to go the career route, but skip it if you want to go the business route.

Here’s the next step: Finish the Required Steps to Building a Home before you apply for a job. Then, take another 1,000 simoleons out of your sim’s savings because that’s how much a “college degree” costs.

Optional Goals

You no longer have to reach the following goals in order to finish the Rags to Riches challenge. Yep! Getting these extra tasks done can make your game harder. But if you want to get more out of the challenge, the following things are perfect for you!

Family And Relationships

  • Have at least three more kids and at least three more grandchildren.
  • Your starter Sim should live with at least one child and their children.
  • You should get a divorce and remarry after you have kids. After the divorce, keep the kids.
  • Spend a lot of time with your children.
  • Woohoo everywhere you can.
  • Finish one of your children’s goals for when they grow up.
  • Finish one of your grandchild’s childhood goals.
  • Help one of your grandchildren reach one of their adult goals.
  • Have two or three babies.

Skills And Career

  • Get your Sim and his or her partner to Level 10 in their jobs.
  • Have a hobby on the side while you work.
  • Write every style book.
  • Read all the books.
  • Reach Level 5 at all skills


  • At least five (5) of your paintings should be hanging on the walls of your home.
  • Use the most expensive items in the game to turn your house into a mansion.


  • Complete every kind of party well.
  • Throw 10 house parties, and make sure at least 3 people swim at each one.
  • Host at least five (5) weddings.


  • Buy every reward for a lifetime for one Sim. There are no potions.
  • Visit at least three (3) times each public lot.
  • Raise the value of your family to 1,000,000 Simoleons.
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How To Make Money Without A Job Or Career

If you’re trying to figure out how your sim can make it through the “Rags to Riches” challenge (and maybe even try to build a house?) without having a job or a business, check out these tips and tricks:

  • You can have your sim pick plants from other parts of town before they are ready to build a garden and harvest their own plants. Make money!
  • An easel can be found in parks, museums, or at the homes of friends. Let them paint here and sell the paintings they make.
  • Go to the library and use the free computers there to write books that can earn your sim money every day.
  • If your sim doesn’t like to write, you could let them try programming instead.
  • Nightclubs have open mic nights. Come to these places and try your hand at comedy.
  • There are also free instruments in some parts of town. You can use these to play games and get tips. You can also just sing for tips if you don’t have any instruments.
  • Get lots of things! Find rocks, crystals, fossils, metals, and elements all over town. You can get a lot of money for these.
  • In town, you can see ponds and rivers, and in Sulani, you can see the sea. Throw your hooks out and catch as many fish as you can to sell.
  • Play video games on the computer in the library, and then join professional gaming tournaments to win money.
  • Festivals often have contests and games where you can win extra money.

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Rags to Riches might seem like a hard challenge, but completing it will give you a great sense of accomplishment in The Sims 4.

Almost all cheats in the game are against the rules, so when your sim finishes the Main and Optional Goals from the challenge, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment.


Can I use any mods or custom content while playing the Rags to Riches Challenge?

Yes, you can use mods and custom content as long as they don’t give your sim any unfair advantages that would break the challenge rules.

Do I have to start with a single sim, or can I start with a household of sims?

The challenge rules state that you must start with a single sim, but you can move in additional sims as long as they have no money or possessions.

Can I take out loans to help my sim reach their goals faster?

No, taking out loans is not allowed in the Rags to Riches Challenge. Your sim must earn all of their money through legitimate means.

What happens if my sim dies during the challenge?

If your sim dies, you can either continue the challenge with one of their offspring or start over from scratch with a new sim.

Play well, simmers!