13+ Sims 4 Bella Goth Facts & History You Must Know

Bella Goth is one of the pre-made Sims that people love the most in The Sims games. She’s in a lot of different versions of the game, even ones that aren’t the main ones.

Bella is a big part of the history of the Sims because she is always easy to spot and fun to play.

To say the least, her life has changed a lot over time. Even though she is happy and settled with her family in Willow Creek now, it wasn’t always that way.

Some things haven’t changed, like Bella’s love of the gothic style, but many other things have. Here are some things you didn’t know about Bella Goth, from alternate realities to being taken by aliens.

Any change that is said to be “de-yassifying” will cause a stir in the Sims community, though. Some players are calling the redesign “ugly,” while others say that calling it “ugly” means you don’t like non-white features.

This last point of view comes from an old complaint about The Sims 4, where people think that the game’s NPCs with darker skin or ambiguous race were made to look more white on purpose.

When you look at the skin tones of old Sims characters and their newer versions, you can see that this is true.

In 2020, Lyndsay Pearson, the Vice President of Franchise Creative for The Sims, made a Twitter video acknowledging the community’s frustration.

She said, “We know there isn’t just one way to fix representation, so we’re making people make long-term commitments to keep making improvements.”

The new Goths with darker skin seem like one of these improvements, but if we’re all being honest, most of their other features are the same.

Bella’s jaw isn’t as crooked, and there’s still the problem with the bazongas, but other than that, they all still have tiny button noses, straight hair, and light eyes, so their redesign isn’t as much of a win for representation as some players are making it out to be.

1. A Tale of Two Bellas

There are two different versions of Bella Goth living in The Sims universe right now. The first is the original Bella Goth, who was abducted by aliens and lost her memories.

The second one appears up in a different timeline in The Sims 4. In this world, aliens have never abducted Bella away.

She’s never died. Instead, she has a happy life with her husband Mortimer and her two children, Cassandra and Alexander.

This version is a young adult on the verge of becoming an adult. She likes to party, she has a lot of charm, and she works out.

In a better world, this is how Bella Goth’s life would be. Maxis has said that this version is not the same as the original, though.

Even though she is a “rebooted” version of Bella, without the alien abductions and memory wipes, players will never forget the story of the real Bella or how she enchanted them for over a decade.

Even though the mystery of where Bella went has been solved for a long time, her wild, epic story lives on. As one of the longest-lasting stories in Sims lore, it continues to fascinate and divide long-time fans.

2. Her Maiden Name Is Bachelor

In The Sims 3, we meet Bella when she was a child. She lives with her mom, Jocasta Bachelor, dad, Simis Bachelor, and older brother, Michael Bachelor, in Sunset Valley.

She gets along well with her family and still wears her favorite color, red, which is also the color of her trademark red dress.

She gets a B at school and is lucky, brave, and a good student. She is said to be the best-dressed girl you’ll ever meet and a people-person who loves to talk.

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3. She Isn’t Always A Goth

In different versions of the game in different languages, Goth’s last name and sometimes Bella’s first name change. Some countries, like Norway, don’t just translate the word “goth.”

In the German version of The Sims, her name is Julia von Spinnweb, which means “cobweb.” In The Sims 2, however, her name was changed to Grusel, which means “scary.”

In Spain, her name is Elvira Lápida, which means “gravestone.” In Dutch, her name is Kerkhof, which means “graveyard.”

In Poland, the family is called Rodzina wir, which literally translates “Family Tweet.” This is the strangest way to say it.

4. She Has Secrets

The Sims 2 for the PSP revealed a few previously unknown secrets about Bella.

At this time, she has taken refuge in Strangetown, where she is running to evade pursuers after being kidnapped by extraterrestrial beings.

During the course of the game, she starts to reveal some information about her past.

It is alleged that she never really loved Mortimer in the way that people say she did. She wed him for his wealth and stayed with him for the free cable he provided.

It was also suggested that she is skilled in Kung Fu, and the individual who tends to her garden is a wonderful person. These hidden features do not appear in any of the other Sims games.

5. Her Recent Life Is An Alternative Reality

The Sims 4 presents an alternate reality version of the Goth family as the version of Bella that is playable in the game.

Mortimer, Bella, Cassandra, and Alexander are the members of this group. They have nothing to do with the extremely convoluted plots of the games that came before them at all.

In spite of the changes made to the storyline, the fundamental aspects of Bella and her family have not been altered.

They maintain their enormous riches and continue to reside in a home decorated in a gothic style.

In spite of their wealth, they only have a few pieces of electronic equipment, and this has always been the case.

6. Bella Wasn’t Supposed To Vanish For So Long

After the events of The Sims, Bella was kidnapped, and in The Sims 2, she is nowhere to be found.

During the time that her family is looking for her, her picture seeks on containers of milk.

The last time anyone saw her, she was fending off Don Lothario’s advances and then peering through a telescope.

She was supposed to show in The Sims 2 as a townie, but a programming error prevented this from happening.

Instead, she can only be found in the game code for the Pleasantview neighbourhood. Subsequently on, the team decided to bring her back, and she was later discovered in Strangetown with no recollection of her previous life.

7. She Begins A New Life In The Sims Social

The Sims Social was a game that could be played on Facebook that told unique stories about the Sims.

After the events of The Sims 2, Bella made her way back to Littlehaven in this instalment of the game.

She had no recollection of what had taken place to her, so she embarked on a journey to uncover her history.

She spends a significant amount of time looking for answers, but she is ultimately unsuccessful in doing so. As a result, she eventually moves to Littlehaven and starts a new life for herself there.

She maintains her identifiable appearance as Bella, and players have the opportunity to form friendships with her; but, they are unable to become her closest friends or develop romantic feelings for her.

8. Her Appearance Changes Over Time

Some of Bella’s versions are subject to alter depending on the version of the game one plays. While she always wears her iconic red dress, many of her other characteristics have changed only slightly throughout the years.

Her look in the major games is more or less consistent, although in the spin-offs and other games she can have very distinct appearances.

She has dark hair when her existence in The Sims begins, and her body is in good shape. The console version of the game gives her brown hair and makes her appear to be much thinner than she actually is. Her eyes go from a greenish-hazel to a dark brown tone as well.

The content of this version is identical to that found in The Sims Bustin’ Out. In the mobile version of The Sims, Bella has yet another new look; she no longer wears the red outfit.

9. She’s Rumored To Appear When You Hang Her Portrait

A portrait of Bella Goth may be found in The Sims 2 and is referred to as Bella squared. It is said that if you have a Sim that lives in Strangetown and they hang up the portrait, then Bella will come and visit them. This is based on a rumour that has been circulating.

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This is an unsubstantiated claim, yet it is not at all impossible, especially considering that the Tragic Clown also engages in the same behaviour.

Because she is looking for information about her past, it is reasonable for her to make the assumption that she already knows something about her if she sees a picture of her hanging on your wall.

10. Books Have Been Written About Her

There are two separate novels in The Sims 3 that could be making a reference to Bella. The first one is titled “Where’s Bella?” and is speculated to be a reference to her kidnapping as well as the Where’s Waldo books.

Murder in Pleasantville is the title of a novel that was authored by Alexander Goth and is available for purchase.

It is possible that this is a reference to Bella’s son Alexander Goth writing about his mother’s disappearance; however, given that The Sims 3 takes place when Bella is still a child, it is more likely that this is not the case.

Despite this, it continues to be perplexing, much like a significant portion of Bella’s existence.

11. She Will Help You Settle Into Mobile Life

When you initially start playing The Sims Mobile, Bella Goth will appear to assist you in becoming acclimated to your new home.

She will do this by providing you with various household items. You may think of her as the helpful tutorial sim who walks you through the process of learning how to play the game and how it works.

During the beginning of the game, she will assist you in integrating into your new community by giving you quests.

You can also cultivate a relationship with her, which, as the game progresses, will grant you the ability to socialise with, call, and otherwise engage in social activities with her.

12. Bella Goth does actually appear in The Sims 2

Strangetown in The Sims 2 has a playable townie who looks like Bella and has her name. This version of Bella has no memories or ties to the Goth family, and her personality is very different from the original.

The Sims Wiki says that Maxis has confirmed that this Bella is the same Bella from The Sims.

People think that aliens took Bella away after they took her from the Lothario mansion and wiped her mind.

When she came back to Earth, it may have been in a UFO that crashed in the desert, and she landed in Strangetown without any memories of her past life.

In the PSP version of The Sims 2, she stayed in Strangetown to hide from aliens, which is a new fact.

Before The Sims Social came out, this bit of backstory was already known. In this game, Bella Goth is a townie.

In a fake interview, Maxis said that Bella had been abducted by aliens in the life and was now trying to start over in the town of Littlehaven after her previous life was a mess.

In the game, it’s shown that Bella is eventually able to get her memories back through therapy. This seems like a happy ending, but there are still more twists along the way.

13. Future version of Bella Goth also appears in The Sims 3

Bella Goth also appears up in The Sims 3, which is often thought of as a prequel but has some townships that take place in the future. In Lunar Lakes, Bella Goth is already dead and can be found in the local cemetery, so we can guess that it takes place a long time in the future.

Strangely, this version of Bella doesn’t look anything like her original self. Even though the Sims team has confirmed that this is the same version of Bella that players know and love, she has straw-like yellow hair, a zombie-like face, and greenish skin.

There’s no reason why she would show up in this future timeline.

In a Sims 3 time machine, you can find a message that adds to Bella’s legend. It says that she became an empress on an alien planet before she came back to Earth, but nothing is said about how she changed or how she died.

It’s also not clear how far into the future Lunar Lakes is in the Sims timeline.

Even so, it appears like this is the end of the Bella Goth story in The Sims, with only a few missing pieces at the end. She was abducted away, might have become an alien queen, came ultimately to Earth without her memories, got them back, and then died in Lunar Lakes.

Strangely, though, this isn’t the only Bella Goth story in the series, because the original Bella Goth isn’t the only one.


Is Bella Goth whitewashed?

The now-iconic Goth family has been a staple of The Sims franchise ever since the very first game, and Bella Goth has been a part of it all along. But the fact that she had been bleached in Sims 4 generated quite a commotion in the community; she had maintained this appearance for eight years.

Did Bella Goth love Mortimer?

During the course of the game, she starts to reveal some information about her life. It is alleged that she never really loved Mortimer in the way that people say she did. She got married to him for his money, and she stayed with him because of the free cable he provided.

Is Bella Goth a gold digger?

Her character may be either that of a smooth-talking gold digger or that of an upbeat and enthusiastic occultist, depending on the situation.

Is Bella Goth still missing?

It’s over for Bella Goth. Aliens most likely kidnapped Bella shortly after she broke off her engagement to Don Lothario, who was her daughter’s fiance. The night before Bella went missing, the Caliente sisters moved into their new home in town. The Caliente sisters have extraterrestrial ancestry.

Did Bella Goth get a makeover?

Because of the most famous Sims 4 expansion pack (SDX), the well-known Bella Goth and her family have been given a makeover in this version of the game. Additionally, a few new thanks have been added to the game. The well-known Sim Bella Goth and her family have been given a new look thanks to a recently released update for The Sims 4 called Sims Delivery Express, or SDX for famous.

Is The Sims 5 coming?

After a great deal of rumours and conjecture, The Sims 5 has finally been confirmed. It is currently being created under the codename “Project Rene,” and its release is still quite some way away; nevertheless, the team responsible for it confirmed certain specifics during The Sims Summit, which was streamed online on October 18, 2022.

Is the Goth family in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 appears the return of the Goth family, who now make their home in Willow Creek. The family consists of an adult Mortimer, Bella, who in this version of events is younger than her spouse and begins her life as a young adult, Cassandra, who is in her teenage years, and Alexander, who is in his younger years.

Who does Alexander Goth marry?

He is currently wed to Cecilia Goth and has a home in the community of Beacon Bay. According to his family bio, he and his wife have been residents of the town ever since it was founded. They attribute their gloomy disposition to the fact that his father’s name is Mortimer, and it is reasonable to presume that Mortimer is already deceased by this point in the game.

Are Bella and Mortimer Goth married?

The central trio consists of the family unit formed by a married couple, Bella and Mortimer, and their daughter, Cassandra. Alexander, the youngest child, also appears an appearance alongside them in some of the games.

Is Bella Bachelor Bella Goth?

In The Sims 2, Mortimer had aged into an elderly gentleman, while Cassandra had become a mature old adult. In The Sims 3, Bella Goth is a playable character who is a part of a household. However, this time around, Bella is a child who lives with her mother, Jocasta Bachelor, her father, Simis Bachelor, and her older brother, Michael Bachelor. Bella now goes by the name Bella Bachelor.

How many kids does Bella Goth have?

After some time, the two got to know each other and eventually fell in love. They got married and moved into 5 Sim Lane, where they eventually had a daughter named Cassandra. In the time between The Sims and The Sims 2, Bella and Mortimer welcomed another child into the world named Alexander and moved down in Pleasantview at 165 Sim Lane.

Where was Bella Goth?

In the game The Sims 2, Bella Goth works as a townie in Strangetown. As it relates to the narrative of the game, Maxis has said unequivocally that the Bella Goth who lives in Strangetown is the same Sim as the Bella Goth who lives in Pleasantview. However, from a purely technical point of view, Strangetown Bella and Pleasantview Bella are two distinct Sims and should not be confused with one another.

Does The Sims have lore?

The lore of The Sims franchise has significantly expanded as new games have been released in the series. Beginning with the crudely named Neighborhood 1 and Neighborhood 2 in The Sims, the lore has expanded to detail minute aspects of characters’ lives and has introduced a large number of historical characters who do not exist as Sims in the game. Additionally, the names of the neighbourhoods in The Sims have become more crude over time.