5+ Best Sims 4 Toddler Cheats Working: Get Max Skills, Needs, Moods & More

You might want to cheat your sim to the top and make the most of those early years.

Since they’ll be taking in everything around them at this age, why not give your sim toddler the best life possible?

With cheats, you can manipulate the game to suit your needs.

Here are all of the Sims 4 Toddler Cheats and how to use them.

First, press Control, Shift, and C. Type “testingcheats true” (without the quotation marks) and hit “Enter.”

This will let you use cheats in your game, and once you choose the sim you want to manipulate, you can do so by typing in commands.

(Again, press Control, Shift, and C all at once, and then type the following commands.)

1. Toddler Skills Cheats Sims 4

These will make it simple for you to determine the amount of difficulty that should be assigned to your children.

Type these exactly, where # is a value 1-5.

  • Communication – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_communication #
  • Imagination – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_imagination #
  • Movement – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_movement #
  • Potty – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_potty #
  • Thinking – stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_thinking #
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2. Toddler Needs Cheats Sims 4

For these, you’ll be able to make your toddlers instantly happy and alter their need bars.

  • Attention – fillmotive motive_attention
  • Bladder – fillmotive motive_bladder
  • Energy – fillmotive motive_energy
  • Fun – fillmotive motive_fun
  • Hunger – fillmotive motive_hunger
  • Hygiene – fillmotive motive_hygiene
  • All Needs – sims.fill_all_commodities

3. Toddler Moods & Buffs Cheats Sims 4

Meanwhile, these Sims 4 toddler cheats will give them different moods on a whim.

  • Energized – sims.add_buff EnergizedHigh
  • Playful – sims.add_buff PlayfulHigh
  • Remove Buffs – sims.remove_all_buffs

4. Toddler Character Value Cheats Sims 4

Enter a number between -100 and 100, where the number either increases or decreases your toddler’s character values, turning them into either the best or the worst child possible!

  • stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_ConflictResolution # = This will change your toddler’s conflict resolution value.
  • stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_EmotionalControl # = This will change your toddler’s emotional control value.
  • stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Empathy # = This will change your toddler’s empathy value.
  • stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Manners # = This will change your toddler’s manners value.
  • stats.set_stat lifeSkillStatistic_Responsibility # = This will change your toddler’s responsibility value.

5. Toddler CAS (Create a Sim) Change Cheats

When our infants become toddlers, there are moments when we are not completely content with the way they look, but we are limited in what we can do to improve their appearance without resorting to artificial means.

The full edit mode cheat is all you need if you want to go into Create a Sim and have complete skills to customize your children. All you need is the cheat.

In conclusion, in order to alter your toddler in CAS, you will need to do the following:

  • While holding shift, click on a sim to select them.
  • You have the ability to adjust any sim’s relationship with other sims as well as their physical appearance via this screen.
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Final Words

As was mentioned earlier, using the cheats for toddlers in The Sims 4 is a really straightforward and straightforward process.

Their goal is to ease the transition for you as much as possible so that you may go on with the lives of your Sims.

If you are having trouble leading a normal life, it is in your best interest to make use of all of them.


What is the cheat to max out a child’s skill in Sims 4?

To cheat your child’s social skills To make sure your cheats are working, open the cheat box by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C and typing testingcheats true. After that, type stats. Type set_skill_level skill_child_social X into the cheat box and put whatever level you want your sim to have in the X spot.

Why is the toddler cheats not working Sims 4?

What should I do if the cheats for The Sims 4 Toddler aren’t working? Make sure that cheats are turned on by entering the cheat code box by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C and typing in “testingcheats on.” This will fix any problems you may be having with your Sims 4 toddler cheats. It is expected that you would receive a message in response stating “Cheats Enabled.”

How can I cheat my toddler up age?

If the birthday Sim is a toddler, you’ll need to have an older Sim assist them in extinguishing the candles on their cake. If you have a toddler under the age of three living in your home, you will see this option. You may manually age up babies in The Sims 4 by clicking on the bassinet and selecting the option to do so at any moment. Alternatively, you can wait for them to age up naturally throughout the course of the game.

What is the max skill level for toddlers in Sims 4?

If your Toddler has reached skill level 5, the highest amount of progress that can be earned is just under the threshold for skill level 3. Therefore, if your Imagination is at level 5, you’ll begin the kid stage with Creativity at level 2, and you’ll virtually make it all the way to level 3 by the end of this stage.

Is Sims 4 ok for 12 year olds?

The Sims 4 has received a PEGI rating of 12 for its content. The following is how the PEGI categorises games that receive this rating: “Video games that feature violence of a slightly more graphic nature against fantasy characters or non-realistic violence towards human-like characters would fall into this age category.”