Tool Mod: Everything About T.O.O.L. Features

Have you ever wanted to put your furniture or decorations somewhere else? That is more than possible with Tool Mod!

Find out how it works and what the benefits of using it are by reading on!

What is The Sims 4’s Tool Mod?

TwistedMexi made Tool Mod, which is a useful addition to the Sims 4 game. T.O.O.L. stands for “Takes Objects off Lot.” It is a free mod that lets you move and change things in the game more than ever before. T.O.O.L. lets us move things around without being limited by the size of the active lot, as its name suggests.

With it installed, players can not only move things outside of their lots, but also rotate, scale, and rearrange objects.

Most of what the mod does is based on numbers, which gives you a lot of room to play around with objects. It’s flexible and lets you move things where you couldn’t before, whether it’s in an apartment or somewhere else in the open world.

You can move things without changing how they work. So, if you use T.O.O.L. on an object and put it somewhere else besides your active lot, your Sims can still use it.

Let’s learn more about tool mod and find out what it has to offer, shall we?

How To Start Using T.O.O.L.?

Before you can start, you’ll need to turn on cheats. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+C to open a dialogue box, type testingcheats true, and hit the Enter key.

Tool mod options can be accessed in-game in two ways: by clicking on the object you want to change or on the ground to open T.O.O.L. Settings. The first will take you to the tool menu’s features, which are all about moving specific objects.

The second is more general and will help you get the most out of the tool mod by adjusting its settings. For both, you will need to have cheats turned on. Let’s find out what each part of the mod is about.

Tool Menu Features

From the tool mod menu, you can do a lot of different things with objects. It not only gets rid of the restrictions on moving things around on a lot, but it also adds things that aren’t in the game, like the ability to make things very big or small or rotate them in a few directions.

Press Shift and click on an object to open the tool menu. You will need to be on an active lot to get around tool mod options.

Even though it can be used in the build/buy mode, the mod really shines when it is used in the Live mode. The build/buy part of the game is hard to use because you can’t move the camera outside of the active lot.

When you play in live, lot restrictions are “erased,” so you can play with objects on the lot however you want. So, if you want to move an object off a lot, you have to buy it and put it on the active lot. Once you’re in Live mode, you can then move the object wherever you want outside the active lot.

So, put the object you want to move on your active lot, switch to live mode, and pause the game. When you click on an object and choose T.O.O.L., you will see 5 options: Elevate, Move, Rotate, Scale, and Toggle Active Object. Each choice opens a box where you can type a number to change the object.


Adding a preferred value to this tool mod feature will let you lift the object into the air. If your item is no longer in the lot, you may have put in a value that was too high.

You can try out different things, but don’t set the Elevate option to more than 5 or the object will “fly too high into the sky.”

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The move option is helpful, but it doesn’t work like most in-game moving. You can’t just grab the thing and put it wherever you want. With t.o.o.l mod, you’ll need to use the Y and X axes and add the values you want to know where the object is moving.

For example, moving the object forward or backward is on the X axis, and moving it left or right is on the Y axis. You’ll have to try and try again to get this t.o.o.l mod option right, since you’ll need to know the approximate values for both axes to move the object where you want it to go.

You can use both whole numbers and decimals in the Sims building squares (grid) to help you. Type 3,4 to move the object forward 3 building squares and 4 building squares to the right. Use negative values to move backward and to the left (-3,-4).

Moving something that is set diagonally will be even harder, so think twice before you move something that is set diagonally. When using the tool mod to move joint objects, like a bar and barstools, move the main object.

In this case, all you have to do is move the bar to move the entire selection (bar and stools). To move stools, you need to remove them from the selection. If you don’t, they will disappear when you use the move option if they are still in the selection. This is the best feature to use when you need to move an object exactly where you want it to go.


You can turn the object horizontally, vertically, and around its axis however you want. It’s kind of like turning a picture on your phone. To get the object at the right angle, you will use 360 degrees +/-.

The best part is that you can usually still turn an object while a Sim is using it. Most objects can be changed with this tool mod option, and you can always go back and change the angle.

If you want to change more than one object at the same time, you can use Rotate>Rotate Around Center and enter a value between 0 and 360 degrees.

This keeps you from making a mess if you just used the classic Rotate option. Set the same centre point for all the objects you’ve chosen, and they’ll all move at the same time while staying on the same axis.


If you’ve ever wanted a tool that lets you make any object as big or small as you want, this one will come as a pleasant surprise.

Scaling works the same way as other tools from the tool mod: by adding up numbers. By default, all objects are set to the value of 1.

Since the system doesn’t work with negative numbers, you’ll need to use decimal numbers less than 1 to make things smaller.

So, adding the value 3 will make your object three times as big as it is, while adding the value 0.5 will make it half as big. Now you can make anything as big as the Statue of Liberty!

Toggle Active Object

Use the Toggle Active Object option instead of the Move option, especially if you don’t need to move objects with laser precision. You can move a selected object with just a few clicks. This is a much faster and easier way to use a tool mod to select an object.

To use it, choose the Toggle Active Object option and then click where you want the object to go. It will move there automatically. That’s all there is to it! You can move it anywhere you want, from your balcony to the grass, and almost anything will fit. The only thing you can’t do is move Sims or put the selected object on top of another object.

You can also use the same method to move more than one object with this useful tool mod feature. Once you have moved the highlighted object to where you want it, you can click on any other object and then back on the grass (or wherever you want it to go) and it will move. This way, you can move as many things as you want. This is an easy way to move things one at a time and put them in different places, especially if you have a lot of things to move.

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To move a group of objects and put them all in the same place, use Toggle Active Object on one object and then hold ALT and click on all the objects you want to move to make a group. Click where you want to put your chosen group, and you’re done! With just a few clicks, you were able to move a group of objects to the same spot.

To move the object with the most accuracy and snap it into the exact spot you want it to be, you’ll want to use this method to move it as close as you can to the spot and then hold ALT and click around the area to get it to the perfect spot. You can use the same method on a group of objects or things on the walls, like wall lights or decorations.

The Sims 4 Tool Mod: How To Move Objects?

Turn on cheats in your game before using this mod to move something. Then, hold down Shift and click on the thing you want to move.

When you choose “move” from the Tool menu, a grid will appear around your object. The green line represents the X axis, and the red line represents the Y axis.

You will also see a pop-up that tells you to put in a number sum for the X and Y axes. To do this, just count the number of squares above, below, and left or right from where your object is to where you want it to be.

For example, to move a plant four squares up and one square to the right of where it is now, type 4, 1 in the move object box.

The green and red squares on the move object grid are already there. In the Tool settings menu, you can change the colours of the X and Y axes to make them easier to see for people who are colorblind or have trouble seeing.

Once you’ve moved an object with the grid, you can use the “Gravity Pull” feature of the mod to make a small change to where the object is.

To do this, press ALT and click on the ground to move the object forward, backward, or to the side. This lets you move the item a little bit if it’s not exactly where you want it.

T.O.O.L. Options Features

Shift+click on the ground > T.O.O.L. Options will take you to some more general settings that will improve how you use the tool mod.

This will give you these choices: Set Grouping Box, Toggle Group, Change Settings, Hide Grouping Box, Undo and Redo Options.

Change Settings

If you’re new to the mod, the first one you should look at is T.O.O.L. Options > Change Settings, because what you do here affects everything else you do to objects or groups of objects.

Change Settings in the tool mod gives you six options: Snap to Terrain, Snap Camera on Move, Use Grid, Set Rotation Color, Move X Color, and Set Move Y Color. Here are the things they make better:

  • Snap to Terrain: When this option is turned on, everything you try to move will stay on the ground. So, if you want to move a chair from a flat area to a hill, this option will make it easy for you to move the chair to the hill. If you turn this option off, the chair will stay on the same round level, which will move it under the ground so you can’t see it.
  • Snap Camera on Move: If you gave your object a high XY value and it seems to be lost forever in the Sims world, this option will help you find it. When this option is turned on, the camera will move along with the object you are moving. When you move the object, you will be taken to the spot where you moved it.
  • Use Grid: This tool mod lets you turn on and off the grid as you wish.
  • Set Rotation Color, Move X Color, and Set Move Y Color: These three settings let you choose one of 12 colours to change the colours of the X and Y axes on the grid, as well as the colour for rotation interactions.
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Set Grouping Box And Toggle Group 

If you want to move a big group of things that are all on the same ground level, the Set Grouping Box feature is very useful.

To use it, you will need to make a special grouping box around the objects you want to select. Go to the group of objects you want to select, and in your mind, make a square that includes all the objects you want to select. This is called a “grouping box.”

To make this grouping box with tool mod, hold down Shift and click twice on the ground, once for one corner of the box and again for another.

Then, click on the ground, go to Tool Options, and select Toggle Group. Ta-da! All of the items in your made-up square grouping box are now selected and highlighted.

To select or deselect an object, hold down the ALT key and click on the object. When you’ve made your final choice, you can click on the ground to move it.

Once everything is where you want it, click Toggle Group again. This will deselect the objects you worked with so you can try something else.

Other Options

  • Hide Grouping Box: Grouping boxes stay even after you’re done moving objects, so you can use this option to hide the grouping markers.
  • Undo and Redo: If something goes wrong while you are trying out the t.o.o.l mod, press Shift+click on the ground, choose T.O.O.L. options, and Undo the action. You can always choose “Redo” if you change your mind about something you undid.

Is T.O.O.L. Mod The Right Mod For Me?

Even though it may seem confusing at first, you’ll get used to how all the features work as you try them out and click around.

You can add very low or very high numbers, but the feature has a suggested range (for example, 0 to 25) that the creators think will give you the best results. If you use too high or too low of a value, it will be hard to find, move, and handle objects.

The tool mod is one of the most flexible when it comes to moving things around, especially outside of the active lot space.

So, you have to be patient at first, but once you’re done experimenting, you’ll see that the features are definitely worth it.

How To Install The T.O.O.L. Mod?

Welcome aboard if what you’ve read so far sounds interesting and you’d like to try out the mod. Make sure that Script mods are turned on by going to Game Options > Other > Script Mods Allowed and checking the box.

Make sure to get rid of any old copies of the tool mod you might have. Once that is taken care of, you can get your tool mod. Go here to get the T.O.O.L. Mod!

Don’t extract file like you usually do with mods after you download it. Instead, open file and drag the Tmex-TOOL folder to your mods folder (Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 4>Mods). Now you can manipulate objects like never before!

For this incredible mod to work, you won’t need any other mods, as it works perfectly as a standalone od. But you can also use tool mode in build/buy mode, but you need to install another mod by the same creator called Better BuildBuy for that to work.

It works just like T.O.O.L., so get the Better BuildBuy here to get the most out of the build/buy.

Tutorial Video The Sims 4 T.O.O.L. Extension.

Final Words

T.O.O.L. is a unique addition to the game that promises and delivers more interactions and lets you move anything you want to anywhere you want.

It lets you go way past the limits of an active lot and leaves furniture, decorations, and other things out in the open world.

Even though it takes some practice to learn how to use it quickly and well, it is definitely worth it.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if any mod, including this one, will help you or not.

Have fun & good luck!