50+ Popular Sims 4 Vampire Cheats Codes

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game where you can watch your Sims grow up and die.

It gives you the tools to build a house, find a job, get married, have kids, and do just about anything else that can happen in real life.

In The Sims, vampires are a pretty common thing. From The Sims 2 until the latest installment, vampires have been a great addition to the game.

Like dragons and fairies, they add a supernatural element that you can only find in fantasy games.

People like vampires because they are mysterious creatures that don’t follow the rules of nature.

They’re good, but they can only do so much. Vampires are great characters, no matter how much you like them or dislike them.

Cheats and mods are important parts of any life simulation game because they let you change how you play or just make the game more fun.

With the release of The Sims 4 Vampires, there were also new cheats. All of these cheats have been tested and have been shown to work. Needs The Sims 4 Vampires to play.

Change your Sim into a vampire, give them free Power Points, unlock their powers, and make sure their skills are at their highest level.

To open the Cheat Console, press CTRL+SHIFT+C. Enter the testingcheats true cheat code first, then enter the cheats below it.

This article will be about the Sims 4 Vampire Cheats Codes. There is a good amount of vampire cheats in The Sims 4, but we’ll try our best to bring you the most useful ones.

You can do this on a PC, a PS4, a PS5, or an Xbox One.

Table of Contents
  1. The Sims 4 Introduction
  2. Unlock Vampire Powers
  3. All Turn Sim into a Vampire / Cure Vampire
  4. All Increase Vampire Rank
  5. Free Vampire Power Points
  6. Vampire Skill Cheats
  7. Vampire Trait Cheats
  8. Vampire Death Cheats
  9. Reset Vampire Powers
  10. FAQs
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The Sims 4 Introduction

 Sims 4 Vampire  Cheats Codes

Even if we are not huge fans of games that simulate real life, we have to agree that “The Sims 4” is rather interesting. It’s almost as if you’re an all-powerful god because you get to design your own character, control their entire lives on a day-to-day basis, and experiment with different aspects of their personality.

The video game has been available since 2014, when it was initially made available for download on a number of different operating systems, including macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can purchase it via the PlayStation Store, as well as Steam and Origin.

Because of how complicated the game is, it is difficult to explain it all in just one paragraph. There are many different parts to the gameplay, such as career pathways, skill sets, skills that may be unlocked, areas to explore, and many other things.

The Sims 4 is all about personalising your Sim characters and directing them through their lives while giving them unique experiences.

You are able to construct homes for your Sims, plan out their daily activities, and tend to their fundamental need. You have complete control over not only their emotions but also their personalities!

Since the game gives you the option to create your own character, we believe that it would be a good idea for each player to create a character that fits into the current trend, which would be a vampire.

If you wish to play as a character who is a vampire in The Sims 4, then the vampire cheats are definitely what you are looking for.

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Unlock Vampire Powers

bucks.unlock_perk DetectPersonality true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Detect Personality
bucks.unlock_perk BatForm true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Bat Form
bucks.unlock_perk Hallucinate true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Cast Hallucination
bucks.unlock_perk AlwaysWelcome true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Eternally Welcome
bucks.unlock_perk PotentPower_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Occult Student/Occult Disciple/Occult Master
bucks.unlock_perk AlluringVisage_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Charm/Vampiric Allure/Vampiric Fascination
bucks.unlock_perk VampiricStrength_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Strength/Vampiric Brawn/Vampiric Might
bucks.unlock_perk Command true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Command
bucks.unlock_perk GarlicImmunity true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Garlic Immunity
bucks.unlock_perk VampireCreation true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampire Creation
bucks.unlock_perk Mesmerize true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Mesmerize
bucks.unlock_perk NocturnalAffinity_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Child Of The Moon/Creature of the Night/Master of Darkness
bucks.unlock_perk IrresistibleSlumber true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Irresistible Slumber
bucks.unlock_perk ManipulateLifeSpirit true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Manipulate Life Spirit
bucks.unlock_perk VampiricSlumber_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Vampiric Slumber/Greater Vampiric Slumber/Vampiric Trance
bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalDampening_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Dampened Emotions/Suppressed Emotions/Deadened Emotions
bucks.unlock_perk VampireRun true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Supernatural Speed
bucks.unlock_perk NeedsNaughtiness true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Deprive Needs
bucks.unlock_perk ResistanceSolis_Level3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Sun Resistance/Greater Sun Resistance/Perfect Sun Resistance
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Hygiene true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Odorless
bucks.unlock_perk EmotionalBurst_3 true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Influence Emotion/Alter Emotion/Control Emotion
bucks.unlock_perk MistForm true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Mist Form
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Social true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Beyond The Herd
bucks.unlock_perk TameTheThirst true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Tamed Thirst
bucks.unlock_perk LoseHumanity_Fun true 40961 {targetsim}Power: Immortal Pleasures

All Turn Sim into a Vampire / Cure Vampire

stats.set_stat commodity_BecomingVampire 2160Change your Sim into a Vampire in a few days (natural transition)
traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampireTurn your Sim into a Vampire immediately
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultVampireTurn a Vampire back into a normal Sim
Turning into Vampire

All Increase Vampire Rank

stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 202Become a Minor Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 630Become a Prime Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1058Become a Master Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1486Become a Grand Master Vampire
stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593Max the rank bar
Increasing Sim Vampire Rank

Free Vampire Power Points

stats.set_stat rankedStatistic_Occult_VampireXP 1593This will max your vampire rank and give you 2 power points.

Vampire Skill Cheats

stats.set_skill_level VampireLore 15Max out Vampire Lore skill
stats.set_skill_level Major_PipeOrgan 10Max out Pipe Organ skill

Vampire Trait Cheats

traits.equip_trait RegainedHumanityRegained Humanity
Vampires with Regained Humanity seem kinder and safer. Sims are more likely give permission to Drink.
traits.equip_trait TheMasterI am the Master
I am the Master grants supernatural control. Command Powers used on Vampire Offspring always succeed.
traits.equip_trait TrueMasterA True Master
A True Master not only excels at Mind Control Powers, they also have greater stores of Vampire Energy to call upon.

Vampire Death Cheats

traits.equip_trait Vampire_SunImmediatly turn your Sim into a ghost that died by the Sun. This works on both Vampire and normal Sims.
stats.set_stat commodity_Vampire_SunExposure -100Kill your Vampire Sim by the Sun.

Reset Vampire Powers

bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40962 {simID} falseRemove weaknesses but keep the rest of your Vampire Powers.
bucks.lock_all_perks_for_bucks_type 40961 {simID} trueRefund vampire power points and reset the power board.


How do you increase your vampire skill in Sims 4?

Read the dictionaries.
Ask an immortal who is stronger to train you.
Take part in fights between vampires.
Compel mortal sims for a small or deep drink.
Use your vampire abilities like you’re told to.

How do you become a master vampire in Sims 4?

After you turn into a vampire, do vampire things like drink plasma and use your powers.
Self-click and select “Dark Meditation” from the options. Do it all the time.
Meet a friendly vampire and talk to them about “Sparr.” Keep doing it often.

How do you get vampires in Sims 4?

To do this, click the “Add Character” button in the bottom left corner of the screen and then choose “Add Occult Sim” > “Add Vampire” from the menus that pop up. After you add your vampire to the family, you’ll see an extra prompt on their character portrait asking you to give them a Dark Form.

How do you increase your vampire rank?

The first way you need to do to move up in rank is to use your powers, eat plasma, and drink plasma. One of the easiest ways to start is with dark meditation. Click on yourself to get to the option. You can also show off your powers to other vampires, and once you pick a power, you can use it on another Sim.

Can vampires get pregnant Sims 4?

Ghosts, aliens, vampires, mermaids, spellcasters, and Servos are some of the occult creature types that have been added so far. Ghosts and Servos can’t use “Try for Baby” to have biological children, but they can still adopt. The rest of the Sims, on the other hand, can get pregnant and have babies like any other Sim.

Can you get all vampire powers Sims 4?

There are a total of 25 Powers to unlock and 11 Weaknesses to choose from. If you can’t figure out how to get all of these Powers, you can also use cheats. When your Sim has just become a vampire, Bat Form will be available right away.

Can vampires have babies Sims 4?

If two Sims who are both vampires have a child, the child will also be a vampire. If only one parent is a vampire, it’s a 50/50 chance that the child will also be one. If a child is human, they can’t be turned until they are a teenager.

Are Sims 4 vampires immortal?

Yes, vampires in the Sims 4 can’t die. After they reach the age of young adulthood, vampires will no longer get older. Whichever life stage your sim is in when they turn into a vampire is the life stage they will remain in.